Appointment as an LSO

Applications for possible appointment to the Singapore Legal Service as a Legal Service Officer (“an LSO”)

         We invite interested applicants who satisfy the eligibility criteria/requirements and wish to consider a career in the Singapore Legal Service as an LSO to complete and submit the application form.

2      The applicants who are interested in a career in the Singapore Legal Service are kindly requested to:

(a)  review and ensure that they fully satisfy the eligibility criteria/requirements set out under the section "Eligibility for Appointment as an LSO" before submitting the completed application form to; and

(b)  enclose a scanned version of all relevant supporting documents.



3     The next sets of recruitment interviews for the eligible applicants whose shortlisting for an intreview is approved would be on 9/10 May 2024.

4        Eligible applicants who are keen to be considered for possible shortlisting for an interview on 9/10 May 2024 would be required to submit their application by 14 Mar 2024.

5          Applications received therafter will be considered for interviews from Jul 2024.

6          Please note that all eligible applicants are required to provide/include in their application - for the consideration of the relevant Legal Service Shortlisting/Interview Panel - the following (in not more than one page each [in Arial; font size 14] with their name at the bottom left corner):

(a) a Personal Statement; and

(b) a Write-up

on why he/she is applying to the Legal Service for consideration for possible shortlisting for an interview for possible appointment as an LSO and how and what he/she can contribute to the Legal Service and the administration of justice.