Why Join Us?

Legal Service Officers (“LSOs”) in the Singapore Legal Service are appointed by the Singapore Legal Service Commission. 

2You may serve as a Deputy Public Prosecutor in the Crime Division of the Attorney-General’s Chambers (“the AGC”).  You may also serve as a State Counsel in the Advocacy Group, the Civil Division or the International Affairs Division, or as a Legislative Draftsman in the Legislation Division, of the AGC. 

3You may be also appointed a Director or Head of a Legal Service department or Legal Counsel in a Ministry HQ, department or statutory board/statutory body.

4     You will, as an LSO, have a noble and fulfilling legal career.  You will serve and protect the interests of the public and the nation.  You will directly participate in the administration of justice and be in a position to advance the rule of law in Singapore. 

5The Singapore Legal Service will provide you numerous opportunities and wide exposure to a broad spectrum of challenging and interesting work.  These include prosecution, public international law, constitutional & administrative law and legislative drafting.  The work will stretch your abilities, offer a sense of achievement and fulfilment, and have a positive impact on society.