Mid-Careers with more than 4 years' experience

Mid-career candidates with more than four years of strong relevant legal work experience (and who fully satisfy the requirements/criteria specified under the section “Eligibility for Appointment as an LSO”) may apply to be considered for possible shortlisting for an interview for appointment as an LSO.

The mid-career candidates who are selected for possible appointment as an LSO will be subject to one contract of two years.

These mid-career candidates may, at the discretion of the Legal Service, have their prior strong relevant legal work experience recognised and be eligible for the award of additional increments and/or appointment at a higher LSO-grade.

These LSOs may, on their successful completion of the contract, strong performance and fully satisfying the requisite eligibility criteria, be considered for possible emplacement on the permanent establishment.

The possible emplacement on the permanent establishment of these LSOs will however continue to be subject to the quality of the officer’s work, demonstrated potential and strong performance during the period of the contract and the needs of the Legal Service. 

Targeted Recruitment for initial deployment to the Attorney-General's Chambers

The Legal Service is conducting a targeted recruitment exercise for candidates interested in a career as a Legal Service Officer and appointment as a Law Drafter or Head of Knowledge Management at the Attorney-General's Chambers. Please refer to the write-ups for more information before submitting an application by 30 May 2024 to the LSC Secretariat.

Please note that all eligible applicants are required to provide/include in their application - for the consideration of the relevant Legal Service Shortlisting/Interview Panel - the following (in not more than one page each [in Arial; font size 14] with their name at the bottom left corner):

(a) a Personal Statement; and

(b) a Write-up

on why he/she is applying to the Legal Service for consideration for possible shortlisting for an interview for possible appointment as an LSO and how and what he/she can contribute to the Legal Service and the administration of justice.