Appointment as an LSO

Applications for possible appointment to the Singapore Legal Service as a Legal Service Officer (“an LSO”)

(a)     We invite interested candidates who satisfy the eligibility criteria/requirements and wish to consider a long term career in the Singapore Legal Service as an LSO and to be initially deployed at one of the Legal Service Departments/Divisions/Ministries/Legal Units to complete and submit the application form.

(b)     The candidates who are interested in a long term career in the Singapore Legal Service are kindly requested to review and ensure that they fully satisfy the eligibility criteria/requirements set out under the section “Eligibility for Appointment as an LSO” before submitting an application.


Targeted Recruitment for initial deployment at the Ministry of Law

(c)      The candidates with at least five years of Post Qualification Experience and are very keen on an initial deployment at the Ministry of Law are kindly requested to also review and ensure that they fully satisfy the requirements set out at point (vi) in the “write-up” below before submitting an application by   21 Feb 2020:

(i) The Legal Policy Group of the Ministry of Law plays a critical role in upholding the rule of law, advancing access to justice, and ensuring a sound and progressive legal framework.

(ii) The Legal Policy Group is looking for people who are passionate about serving the public and making a difference. If you wish to embark on a meaningful and rewarding career with unrivalled opportunities for professional development and exposure to a wide variety of intellectually stimulating work, we invite you to apply to join the Singapore Legal Service as an LSO and be initially deployed to one of our two Divisions - the Civil and Legislative Policy Division or the Criminal Policy Division.

(iii) The work of the Legal Policy Group covers a diverse spectrum of policy areas. The Civil and Legislative Policy Division deals with law reform across a spectrum of areas, ranging from constitutional and administrative law to family, community and governance laws. The Criminal Policy Division drives law reform in the area of criminal law and procedure, as well as constitutional and governance issues that arise in the criminal context.

(iv) As a member of the Legal Policy Group, you will be part of a team of highly motivated lawyers working on challenging law reform and delivering creative, yet practical, solutions to issues of national significance. This requires you to be familiar with current laws and how the justice system works, and to consider how laws can be updated to keep pace with evolving socio-economic needs and technological developments, whilst reflecting sound policy principles.

(v) You can expect to work with a wide range of stakeholders and partners, both within and outside the Government, to co-create policies to meet the needs and demands of today’s society. You will also take legislation through the Parliamentary process, from the drafting and consultation stages, to facilitating the passage of legislation in Parliament.

         (vi)Please note that you need to have:

  • at least five years of Post Qualification Experience;
  • a strong law degree from the NUS or the SMU or a Scheduled University;
  • excellent writing and communication skills and a sharp, analytical mind; and
  • a passion to serve the public and make a difference to society.