The Legal Branch

The Attorney-General &
the Solicitor-General and the Heads of the Divisions
of the Attorney-General’s Chambers

(Left to Right) Front Row:
David Chong Gek Sian (Chief Counsel, Civil Division),
Mrs Koh Juat Jong (Solicitor-General),
Mr Steven Chong, S.C. (Attorney-General),
Charles Lim Aeng Cheng (Parliamentary Counsel, LLRD)

(Left to Right) Back Row:
Aedit Abdullah (Chief Prosecutor, CJD),
Ong Hian Sun (Chief Prosecutor, SPD),
Bala Reddy (Chief Prosecutor, Projects),
Ms Mavis Chionh Sze Chyi (Chief Prosecutor, EGD),
Pang Khang Chau (Director-General, IAD)

Not in Picture:
Jeffrey Chan Wah Teck (Deputy Solicitor-General)

The Attorney-General’s Chambers

The Attorney-General performs a critical constitutional role in Singapore and the administration of justice. As the Public Prosecutor, he exercises overall control over and provides direction in all criminal proceedings independently of Government. In addition, he is also Government’s principal legal advisor and the guardian of public interest.

In his role, the Attorney-General is assisted by the Solicitor-General and the Second Solicitor-General, as well as the LSOs in the AGC who serve in six divisions. These are the Criminal Justice Division (“CJD”), the Economic Crimes and Governance Division (“EGD”), the State Prosecution Division (“SPD”), the International Affairs Division (“IAD”), the Civil Division and the Legislation and Law Reform Division (“LLRD”).

The AGC’s mission is to enhance the rule of law and constitutional government in Singapore by providing sound legal advice and assistance in developing a fair and responsive legal system, furthering good public administration and protecting the interest of the state and of the people.

The year 2012 was a significant one for the AGC as it saw a change in the Attorney-General, with Justice Steven Chong assuming office on 25 June 2012, taking over the helm from Mr Sundaresh Menon, S.C.

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